Fall 2017 & Winter 2018 Hair Color Trends and Ideas


Let’s face it, after a while hair colours become old and boring. While you may have loved your hue when you first received it, after spending months (or even years) staring at it in the mirror, it’s only natural to want something new. Luckily, colouring hair has become more sophisticated and innovative than ever. This means, there are plenty of new and exciting colours just waiting for you to give them a try, and they’re better than ever. Rich and filled with vibrancy, today’s coolest colours are full of life. Multi-tonal and dimensional, they’re unique and somewhat mysterious. These are the best hair colours that are trending today.



Hair Colour Ideas

1. Bold Coloured Hair

Boldly coloured hair is in its prime and set to continue throughout 2019. While this two-toned, purple and blue look may be intense, it’s also right on trend.


Two-Toned Hair 2


2. Red-Brown Hair

This year is all about blending hair colours. If you’re not into the “bronde” look that’s currently on trend, why not try this lovely red-brown colour instead?


Red Brown Hair 1


3. Two-Toned Hair

Two-toned hair doesn’t have to be half and half. By concentrating a dose of contrasting colour in one area, such as a fringe, you can create a look that’s exciting without being over-the-top.


Two-Toned Hair 3


4. Platinum Blonde with Purple Roots 

This eye-catching look combines platinum locks with rich purple roots. Now that’s one stylish way to cover regrowth!


Two-Toned Hair 1


5. Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Sticking with the standard dark-to-light ombre effect, this strawberry blonde style features a richer, orange hue at its roots.


Strawberry Blonde Ombre 2


6. Reverse Strawberry Blonde Ombre 

This reverse strawberry blonde ombre features light blonde roots growing into deep copper ends.


Strawberry Blonde Ombre 1

7. Red with Blonde Highlights 

By mixing in blonde highlights, red hair can become a sophisticated multi-tonal hue.


Red with Blonde Highlights 3


8. Light Strawberry Red Hair

Light strawberry red hair easily becomes a gorgeous warm, blonde hue with the addition of highlights.


Red with Blonde Highlights 2


9. Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

This red hair is radiant and sun-kissed with the addition of some super subtle blonde highlights.


Red with Blonde Highlights 1


10. Red and Blonde Highlights

These chunky blonde and light red highlights create a unique and modern look on rich brown strands.


Red and Blonde Highlights 1

11. Lowlights for Brown Hair 

This amazing hair colour concentrates dark lowlights on the ends of strands to create a cool, reverse ombre appearance.


Lowlights for Brown Hair 2



12. Honey Brown Hair

Unlike colours such as chocolate and dark mocha, honey brown hues are infused with plenty of warmth, which brings out a gorgeous glow in all complexions.


Honey Brown Hair 2


13. Highlights for Brown Hair

While highlights are great for creating the appearance of naturally sun-kissed hair, they can also be used to create unique looks, such as this trend-worthy style.


Highlights for Brown Hair 3

14. Rich Cherry Red

Rich, cherry-red hues can also look stunning when used to highlight black hair.


Black Hair with Highlights 3

15. Blonde with Highlights

This glamorous, multi-tonal blonde appears to glow and project light with the simple aid of some shine spray or serum.


Blonde with Highlights 3

16. Golden Brown Hair Colour

Golden-brown hair creates a light and youthful appearance that looks best paired with plenty of shine.


Golden Brown 2


17. Deep Cherry Red Hair

A deep cherry red hue provides the perfect option for those who want dark hair but can’t pass up the luminosity of a vibrant colour.


Dark Hair Colours 2


18. Jet Black Hair

This sultry jet black hair colour is as dark as they come. While the deep hue always works well for dark skin tones, we also love its striking appearance when paired with fair complexions.

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Hair Colour Ideas
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