How to Dress Boho Chic

How to Dress Boho

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Boho is the modern bohemian clothing style, sometimes called Boho-chic or Bobo, which is short for "Bohemian bourgeois."This style has been popularized by many popular figures, like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, and has established a presence in the world of style.The look encapsulates the simple, flowy style of hippies and blends several ethnic styles, such as African and Indian prints. If this style suits your taste, you're in luck, as many boho style clothing can be found inexpensively from a variety of sources, including thrift stores.


Determining Prime Boho Clothing

  1. Use the roots of boho to your advantage.Bohemian is a word that relates to the style of the Roma, a group also known as the name "gypsy" of central Europe.Clothing or outfits that match your image of this known style of performers, fortune tellers, and free spirited vagabonds will likely do well for your boho styles outfit.
  2. Employ natural materials in your choice of clothing.Naturalness is one of the major tenets of the boho style, which was greatly influenced by the hippy mentality that environmentally friendly clothing is preferred to synthetic fibers.This ideal is reflected in the bohemian style through the use of fabrics such as:
    • Cotton
    • Cheesecloth
    • Linen
    • Silk
    • Hemp
  3. Choose floaty fabrics that add an air of the ethereal.Another influence of the hippy movement on boho style is its emphasis on freedom and openness.In boho style, this is represented by light and airy fabrics, like dusters, light weave scarves, and silk shawls.
  4. Connect your color palette with the earth.In line with the environmentally friendly ideology, boho makes use of many earth tones, like deep browns, tans, and autumnal reds.Think about offsetting these dependable earthy colors with light colored neutral shades, like taupe and cream.
  5. Layer your boho look.One of the most notable features of boho style is its use of various patters in less traditional combinations, layered in a way that expresses and highlights your character. Rather than drawing attention to a particular article of clothing, as you might normally, try to mesh the patterns you choose.For example, you might make an outfit:
    • Floral themed
    • Polka dotted
    • Subtly pinstriped
    • Gingham themed
  6. Balance your layers.When coordinating so many different styles and patterns, balance can be difficult. Try to keep any one part of your outfit from being too busy pattern-wise than the rest of it. In boho styles, the eye should be naturally drawn to the face as the central feature of the outfit.

Putting Together Your Boho Outfit

  1. Hunt for vintage '70s clothing.Many secondhand stores have a surplus of clothing from this period, and here you might find out peasant blouses and maxi skirts that you can use in your bohemian style.The heavy influence of hippy style on clothing from this time period makes it ideal for boho fashion.
    • You might also visit garage/yard sales and estate auctions to find these articles of clothing.
    • Modern versions of these creations can sometimes be found in specialty shops.
  2. Look for bold patterns.The origins of the bohemian people, the Roma, are theorized to be on the Indian subcontinent.Over the course of the Roma people's migration to central Europe, many bold patterns and styles, like those you might see worn in parts of Africa or India, were adopted.
    • Pair these patterns with different patterns without giving too much weight to clash.
    • If outfit cohesion is important to you, you might choose a theme, like floral patterns or simple geometric designs, like polka dots and stripes.
    • Be sure you give contrasting colors and patterns a try. You never know when two seemingly opposing patterns will bring out the bohemian in you!
  3. Take into account the entirety of your boho outfit.Too many dangling ends or busy patterns at the bottom of your outfit might draw attention away from your face; the bohemian style begins at the face and then travels to the rest of the body.Make use of layers to sweep around less flattering parts of your body, as you might by flaring bottom layers to offset square shoulders.
  4. Build your base layer.The base layer in boho style is often thin and relatively well fitting when compared to outer layers. Many wearers of boho style begin layering with a spaghetti top, bra top, a vest, or stretch t-shirt.These more fitted base layers will allow to add more layers on top without appearing swaddled. Over top, you might add:
    • A knit cardigan
    • A loose-fit tunic
    • A kaftan
    • A fitted vest
  5. Bring back the peasant appeal.The simple garments often associated with central European peasantry have long been a staple in boho style.Rough spun garments can simulate this appearance, but you should also consider:
    • Cheesecloth skirts
    • Linen skirts
    • Maxi skirts
    • Leggings
    • Flared jeans

Accessorizing Boho Style

  1. Embellish with beads, bangles and fringe.Plainer boho dresses and fabrics can be brought to life with spangles and faux jewels. Large, chunky, earth toned jewelry can create a richer look for even the plainest seeming boho item. Some options include:
    • Metal bangles
    • Wooden wrist cuffs
    • Glass bead necklace
    • Long dangling earrings
  2. Purchase vintage accessories.Or, you might make use of modern accessories that are fashioned in vintage designs. Some examples of this might include turquoise bracelets, aged lockets, and ornate pendants. Combine these accessories in layers by using various lengths, like you might when wearing a long, medium length, and short length necklaces.
  3. Patronize artisan wares.The artistic and frequently hand-worked design of most artisan crafts can bring an air of Bohemia to even everyday outfits. Look for items that are nature themed, or crafted with natural products, like:
    • Worked leather
    • Natural metals (like copper)
    • Glass beads
    • Stones (like quartz and onyx)
  4. Wear natural looking shoes.While fur cuffed shoes might be a little outside your price range, boots adorned with faux fur can improve the natural appeal of your outfit.Leather and suede are in line with the naturalist philosophy of boho, so these are also options you should keep in mind.


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