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How to Enjoy Reading As a Teenager


  1. Think of all the benefits you'll get from reading.
    • Enhanced smarts. This one is rather obvious, but studies show that people who read earn higher GPA's, have higher intelligence and just more general knowledge.
    • Reduced stress. Fiction is perfect for this. After a long day at school, a good book, a cup of tea, and a comfy place to read are super relaxing.
    • Better vocabulary. Reading improves language more than talking or direct teaching. It gets you to look at words that you might not hear at school.
    • Improves your critical thinking. Studies have shown that reading improves your ability to spot patterns, which helps you think and figure out things much easier.
  2. Find out what genres you like.Some people like romances, some like sci-fi, and there are hundreds of teenage drama-type books.
    • Consider a game book if you like fantasy or mystery and don't fancy reading from beginning to end.
  3. Find out how long you want your book to be.If you aren't big on reading, you probably shouldn't choose a 500+ page book.
    • Consider an audiobook. These are great if you have vision problems or are on a long car trip. One great choice is Neil Gaiman's "The Graveyard Book," read by the author.
  4. Go to the library as much as possible and don't sit at the computers the entire time.Look through the books that the library has.
  5. If you find a book that you think you might like, read it.If you don't like it, try a different genre, or maybe something shorter.
  6. Ask your teachers, librarians or friends for recommendations or help on choosing a book.
    • You could also go online to a book review site like goodreads.com.
  7. Talk about the books you read.Maybe you and your friend(s) can read the books together and discuss them later. You could even start a book club.
  8. Try a book.If you don't like it, put it down, but don't give up on reading. There's a book out there for everyone, so don't give up on the first try.
  9. Don't limit yourself by gender.
    • It's always good to get lots of different perspectives, so don't assume some books are only for guys and others are only for girls. Here are some books that might seem to be "girl" books or "guy" books -- try them all!
    • The Cliqueseries by Lisi Harrison. (good for beginners- lots of scandal, easy for all ages, and full of interest!)
    • ThePretty Little Liarsseries by Sara Shepard. (great for people who like mystery, scandal, or books that pull you in)
    • Shugby Jenny Han (not a series but it's a good to read at the beach or on vacation)
    • TTYLandTTFNby Lauren Myracle. (good for readers who don't get flustered easily. It gets very deep into the teenage lifestyle)
    • TheTwilightseries by Stephanie Meyer (a series full of romance and mystery)
    • TheSecrets of my Hollywood Lifeseries by Jen Calonita (good for anyone interested in celebrities or who want to be in show business.)
    • TheI'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill Youseries by Ally Carter. (a great series that pulls you in and has mystery, depth, and romantic drama)
    • Al Capone Does My Shirtsby Gennifer Choldenko. (There is also a sequel calledAl Capone Shines my Shoes)
    • The Giverby Lois Lowry (A great book for people who like to read classics)
    • Catcher in the Ryeby J.D. Salinger (another classic book; if you likeThe Giver, this would be perfect)
    • The Boy in the Striped Pajamasby John Boyne. (this is a good book for reading before you go to bed or while on vacation)
    • 'Tangerineby Edward Bloor
  10. Break it down by genre.
    • Do you like romance? TheTwilightseries is an unusual love story between a girl and a vampire.
    • Do you like sci-fi? Michael Crichton and Orson Scott Card might be a bit hard to swallow at first, but are definitely worth the try.
    • Do you like fantasy? TheHarry PotterandLord of the Ringsseries are absolute must-tries. ThePendragonandNarniaseries are also rather famous.
    • Do you like mystery?Artemis Fowlis well written and there are loads of moments that make you laugh out loud. TheAlex Riderseries by Anthony Horowitz keeps your adrenaline running high!
    • Do you like stories about teenagers? Check out Cathy Hopkins or some David Lubar. Another good suggestion is "The World Spins Madly On" by Caroline Patti. Some other picks are theHarriet the Spyseries and books by Arthur Ransome.
    • Do you like books about the past?Anne of Green Gablestells the life of a Canadian orphan girl living just before the war. Also, try "The Secret Garden."
    • There are lots of great graphic novels out there. Check the graphic novels section at your local bookstore or library.

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  • Don't think of reading as something that youhaveto do, think of it as something that youwantto do.
  • Find friends who enjoy reading, and you might start to like it too.
  • It's fun to read when you understand the book. Therefore, you should make sure that you understand the book.
  • Do your homework first, so you don't have to think of it while you are reading.
  • Read before you are gonna sleep.

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