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For men, the option of going bald doesn’t seem too extreme. It’s a fashion statement, sure, but it is also a life choice. Persons who decide to shave their hair completely off should be made aware of the maintenance and costs involved, as well as the sheer effort of keeping a closely shaven head day in and day out. The consistency of having your head shaven is a mark of discipline as it requires frequent grooming.

That being said, the first question that comes to mind when you think of how to shave your hear completely off is how to do it! There are more than one ways to shave your head. These include using various types of razors – some simpler items and a few machines.

How To Spot the Best Razor Out There

There are a few types of razors in the market that can be chosen from when looking to shave your head. The important part is to first know what kind of razor will be best suited for your hair and skin type. Then, you must see whether or not this razor will give you as close a shave as you require. And finally, you must be comfortable using this kind of razor.


  1. Electric Clipper

An electric razor is preferable when using it for the face. The action of properly getting the job done while at the same time, not causing nicks and cuts on the face is what sets apart the electric shaver. Electric shavers for the head are built with a larger cutting surface area. The higher the number of blades is on the razor, the closer the shave will be, although, modern electric shavers contain various settings.


2. Safety Razor

A safety razor is a long handled, wide apart blade razor which can be used to get to the hard to reach straight angles on the face. This razor is a little old fashioned, but is very economical. The razor itself can be quite expensive, but it is an investment which can last a lifetime. The collective cost of all the blades you may change and use amounts to less than 50$ per annum.


3. Disposable Razors


Disposable razors are simple drugstore bought razors which can be thrown away after a few shaves. The blades in the safety razor can be changed, whereas a disposable razor should just be thrown away once the blades are blunt.


4. Straight Edge Razor

A straight edge razor is the traditional barber’s blade. This can be used to get the closest shave on the head or face, but the risk of injury is very high here. Try not to use this particular type of blade unless you have mastered the art of shaving with it as unsteady hands will not be able to gauge the depths at which you are shaving, and can cause injuries.

When investing in a good razor to clean shave your head, you must remember to focus on quality, and not on the price. The object is to shell out only enough money to be able to utilize the razor enough and cost effectively.

Here are the various tips to keep in mind when looking for the right razor for your head shaving needs:

Sharpness:The sharper the razor is, the closer the shave it will give. It is important to keep the blades in your razors sharp and not rusted. Rusted or old razor blades can become the cause for many a skin infections.

Blades:This means that the type of blade you choose will be affected by the texture of the skin where you are shaving. The skin on the head can vary with age. Razors now are sold with more than one blades within one razor. This helps with a closer shave than with one blade razors.


Tools and Accoutrements:You will need various tools to help you get the best and closest shave possible. This will help in taming the hair before it is completely cut off. Tools such as an electric trimmer, pre-shave oil, shaving cream etc. are necessary to carry out this process.


You would also need any shaver which you are comfortable with and have a steady hand using. Be sure to do this process in front of the mirror.

  • After-Care Products:Keep some after-shave lotion ready to be applied on the freshly shaven head.

Razors Which Have Taken the Market by Storm


HeadBlade Headshaving Kit with MOTO Razor, HB4 Refill Kit and 5 oz HeadSlick Shave Cream

HeadBlade claims to have been sitting on this shaving kit idea for a number of years, testing and prodding, and perfecting the solution to fit the needs of all men. The Moto Razor and HeadSlick shaving cream are the perfect combination. The cream is mentholated and cools the irritation. The Moto Razor is the newest addition to the HeadBlade collection. Its pivoting action helps the blade mimic the contour of the head and get the harder to get areas as well.

For the people looking to go bald by choice, here is a razor which can do the trick for you at a reasonable price. The longevity of the product always depends on use and maintenance, but this mean machine really gives a lot more than you can anticipate.

  • Packing Heavy: The package contains one MOTO razor, blade refill kit, and one bottle of shaving cream. This is a great kit for gifting to a younger person who will need assistance figuring out what to use, and how.
  • Dual Axis Suspension Blades: The MOTO razor is a dual axis suspension razor which allows for a close shaving experience.
  • Finger Grip: This kit also comes with a finger ring for better grip and lesser scope for making cuts or irritating the skin.
  • Lesser Nicks: The Moto Razor has a unique gripping system which allows you to have full control of where the razor goes and what it trims. The pivoting blades follow the cuts and crevices of the head and make for a close shave without bloodshed.

This product gives quality for its price. The roller blades take a few turns to get used to, but for the smoothest, slickest and cleanest head shave, choose MOTO and HeadSlick by HeadBlade. After all, it’s always better to use a product that has been perfected over time.


  • Narrower body of the razor makes it easy to manoeuvre on the shaving surface, be it the head, neck or nape.
  • Minimizes the scope for injury.
  • Easy to grip and hold, with built in finger grip.


  • May take a few shaves to get used to completely.
  • Finger grip loosens with age.



Gillette Fusion5 ProShield Men’s Razor Blades

Back in 1977, Gillette started an empire of top class razors with blades which moved vertically with the launch of the ‘Atra’ into the market. In 2010, Gillette, the pioneer of the very category, has come out with the Fusion5 ProShield. This razor is one of its kind in the lubrication it provides for the blades to smoothly glide over your head.

This razor stands apart because of its unique antifriction. It comes with an all-round lubrication and a precision trimmer as well. This razor also comes with three sets of blades which amount to at least one month worth of blades. The micro-comb on the razor guides the hair into the blades.

Where some have argued on the utility of an electric shaver for shaving your head as opposed to a manual one, Gillette has proven with this product that a manual razor can do the same job, and better even!

But the real question is whether the new Fusion5 ProShield is any different from the original Fusion razor, or not. Here is a comparative:

Handle:The grip on the ProShield is significantly better than that on an original Fusion. An additional rubber finger grip makes the razor easy to use.

Cartridges: The cartridges of the two razors is where Gillette has made the real changes. The older version consisted of large blades, sticking out to trim your hair, whereas the new cartridge carries 5 blades, thinner in size and closer together. The shorter distance between the blades helps in getting the smoothness of five strokes, in one.

Micro Combs:The additional feature of the razor is the micro-combs. This is a strip of thin, micro-combs which precede the blades. These bristles detangle the tiny knots or tears in the hair and pushes them into the blades for the closest shave possible/

Precision Trimmer:The razor comes with one extra blade at the back for precision trimming and reaching areas such as behind the ears, on the nape of the neck, back of the head and sideburns.


  • Best suited for shaving head with precision trimming.
  • No skin irritation and minimal cuts.
  • Very economical.


  • Replacing the blades can be tedious work.



5 Blade Razor with Pivot Ball technology-All Chrome Diamond Pattern Long Handle Shaving Razor

No modern contraption can ever compare to the macho elegance of using an old fashioned manual razor. But wait, it gets better! GBS manufactured products are known for their style, sensibility and functionality, all packed into the most aesthetically pleasing package. The chrome and diamond pattern on the handle accounts for upping the ante on the otherwise boring razor.

This razor is recommended for shaving the head as it contains a pivoting technology on the neck of the razor, which moves in a few angles and helps get that close shave. The main trick when shaving your head is to get in the folds of the skin, without nicking out a piece with the razor. That is the reason that it is recommended that a razor is used in front of a mirror. The mirror can be used as a guide and skin and can tightened and loosened appropriately for the kind of shave required.

This product is a classic design which is well tested by time and the experience of men. That is not to say that this razor is rudimentary in any way. The handle on the razor is a few centimetre longer than the average razor. This may not sound like much, but the extra grip that the longer handle provides is the reason that GBS is known for it.

Wondering what you’ll do with all the leftover blades from your old razor? The GBS 5 Blade is compatible with the usual Gillette blades and still gives that smooth and clean finish.


  • Good grip because of longer handle.
  • An excellent quality razor in a relatively less expensive value.
  • Compatible with the Gillette blades.


  • Blades are slightly more expensive than usual.



Full Moon Razors

The Full Moon Razor kit contains twenty five, five bladed cartridges which are coated with a rubber finish. This smooth coating helps the razor glide on the skin so that the five blades can take care of any small hair stubs which may be leftover as stubble and makes sure that the razor can be used on the face as well as the head. The razor itself is relatively durable and the 5 bladed cartridges are made in such a way that they are easy to rinse out. The thick shaving gel or lather does not stick on to the surface.

  • Good for Travel: Need to travel? The head of this razor can be docked out and stored until needed.
  • Stainless Steel Blades: The speciality in having stainless steel blades is because these rust or corrode slower than an average blade. That means lesser spending on blades per year.
  • No Slip Grip Handle: The main feature of a razor after the head is the handle. The grip of the handle decides whether the shave will be smooth and nick free, or bumpy. This razor works well in slippery conditions and can hold its own even with tougher hair growth.
  • Pivoting Head: The pivoting head technology paired with the exceptional grip of this product aids the razor to reach the areas which are harder to get at. And for an even smoother shave, shaving backwards is an option with this product because of the easy sliding head.
  • Vitamin E Strip: the razor comes lined with a strip of Vitamin E to calm the irritated skin as soon as the razor blades slide against the skin.


  • Provides for a closer shave than an average three bladed cartridge.
  • Good for travel as well as use at home.
  • Rubber coating to prevent skin irritation and cuts.
  • Pivoting head helps in getting a close shave all across the head.
  • Comes in a combo pack with 12 months’ worth of blades.


  • The clip holding the blade to the razor face might go lose in a few months, causing higher risk of cuts.


Gillette Fusion Compatible Men’s Shaving Razor and Stand

This product is a Gillette Fusion compatible razor which is about 15 cm in length. This razor comes with a stand of its own which is 10 cm in height and holds the razor upright. Both bodies are coated in steel chrome and works to prevent rusting.

This razor contains:

Thinner Blades: The thinner and finer textured blades reduce the pull and tears in the hair and makes for a smoother finish.

Precision Trimmer:The precision trimmer blade at the back of the razor is great for shaving along edges, and getting those clear lines.

The stand on the other hand can be used for many other Gillette razors which fit the description.


  • Comes with 5 blade action which is the closest shave you will need on your head to keep the fuzz away for a few days.
  • Does not cause skin irritation or razor bumps.
  • Solid handle helps in maintaining a good grip of the shaving top, helping in shaving your head.


  • This product is slightly more expensive as it comes with a stand, however, the stand is purely functional and helps in drying off the razor.



Gillette Mach3 Compatible Razor

The Gillette Mach3 Razor compatible razor comes with a horn handle replica and is the fancier alternative to local store bought razors. These razors come with a chrome finish and an angular inlet for the Mach3 blades to fit.

Features of the Gillette Mach3 Turbo Blades:

Thinner Blades:Mach3 boasts of blades which are thinner than the scalpel a surgeon uses. This is to give you the closest shave possible.

3 Blade Action:The Mach3 may only have 3 blades, but all three are mounted on the head of the razor cartridge at different levels. The different heights makes it the most effective razor blade to be used with a compatible razor.

MicroFins:This also contains a skin buffer or guard which helps stretch out the skin to mark the area clear for the first blade. This prevents irritation of the skin.

Lubrastrips:The blades come equipped with lubrastrip, which is a strip of water soluble lubricating agent which spreads over the skin. This strip changes to white when the blade needs to be changed.


  • Provides for a close shave.
  • Large handle prevents nicks and cuts.
  • Chrome plated finish makes the shaving experience slick and easy.


  • This razor is slightly on the expensive side, but can qualify as an investment. It is sturdier than the Mach3 razor, but is compatible with the same blade.


Shaving Creams When Trying to Shave Your Head

When looking to shave your head, you will need shaving cream. The skin on the head my look tough, but is as sensitive as the rest of the body. It must be treated with care. The next few brands of shaving cream are made for smoother than normal shaving experiences and have been handpicked for men to use on their heads as well:


Helmsman Shaving Cream For Men – Premium Natural Hydrating Shave Cream Prevents Razor Burn Irritation


This shaving cream is an all-natural, gluten and PBA free cream, packaged in a tube. It is a skin nourishing shaving cream with promises to not irritate the skin. The unique selling point of this helmsman shaving cream is that it intends to reduce razor burns and skin nicks.


  • Contains aloe to moisturise the face.
  • This is a very creamy blend, allowing the razor to smoothly remove hair.
  • Does not cause dryness on the area used, while at the same time not being too greasy.
  • This cream blend is designed to soothe skin when it is being shaven.


  • Does not lather up.



Gillette Series Shaving Gel Sensitive Skin


The Gillette series never fails to disappoint, and with the shaving gel for sensitive skin, they’ve hit this one out of the ballpark. The key features of this product are that it helps with the friction of razor against skin. It hydrates the skin, and softens the hair so it is easily shaven off.


  • Very helpful in soothing sensitive skin.
  • Effective for its price.
  • Lathers up smoothly enough to be able to use a disposable razor.
  • Moisturises the skin.


  • Can end up clogging the razor blades.
  • Involves some amount of wastage with every use.



Gillette Fusion ProGlide Sensitive 2 in 1 Shave Gel


This shaving cream is actually a shaving gel. Packaged in a rust-free bottle, the Gillette Fusion lasts up to 60 shaves, easily. The best part of this shaving gel is that the very name talks of ProGlide technology which lets there be no razor bumps or ingrowths of hair once this has been used to shave the head. A gel can be easy to apply of the head.


  • No razor burns reported post use of this product.
  • Good for sensitive skin as well.
  • Makes a good, thick layer of gel which aids in shaving.


  • Slight glitch with spray bottle action.


How To Shave Your Head: A Cohesive Guide

Long Hair:This video pertains solely to men who are looking to shave their already shaven or very close cropped hair. If your hair is growing thicker and longer, it is advisable to first start with a scissor and cut off all the extra length before moving on to shaving or using a trimmer.

Electrical Trimmer:Where the modern invention of an electrical trimmer may seem to have made it easier to shave the face clean, the head shaving game is still dominated by the straight edge blade and rudimentary manual razor. Both these methods bear results much cleaner than the electric trimmer.

However, if you are using an electric trimmer to shave your head, make sure to use the trimmer on a larger trimmer guard (Size 2 and 1) for the longer hair to be trimmed, and then the size 0 guard for that clean finish.

Razor:YouTube Video:

The cleanest and closest shave can be achieved by using a manual razor with some shaving foam or gel or cream, and a few accessories found around the house.

What You Need(img Minute 0:23):

  • Shaving Cream/Gel – Optional

In case you cannot find any shaving gel or cream on hand, this is an easy way to make shaving foam using soap and a shaving brush.


  • What You Need:


      • Shaving Brush
      • Water
  1. How to Make
      • Start with the shaving brush. Dip it in water and shake off any excess.
      • Next, take the soap and with its flatter surface facing up, and use the shaving brush in a circular motion to create lather and foam. (0:56)
      • Once some foam is formed, take it and deposit it onto the side of the bowl. Repeat this for a few minutes until a significant amount of foam is collected. (1:03)
      • Next, wet the shaving brush after the last of the foam is deposited, and beat the foam into the bowl to create a thick whipped cream consistency. (1:13)
  • Razor
  • Shaving Brush
  • Shaving Oil
  • After Shave
  • Mirror
  • Towel

Steps to Follow:

  1. Step One– 0:36

First, wet your head with warm water to open up the pores. Make sure the entire head is moist as this will make the hair softer and easier to shave. Then, apply a shaving oil onto your palms. Rub this into your palm and massage into the head. Shaving oil lubricates the razor.

  1. Step Two– 1:33

Slather the shaving foam or gel (as preferred) onto your head with the shaving brush, make sure to cover all areas of the head. Areas that usually get missed include behind the ears, on the back of the neck, right above the ears and in the nape of your neck.

  1. Step Three– 1:48
    • Now use your razor against the growth of hair on your head for a close shave with a smooth finish.
    • Start at the back of the head and then move forward. Check with your fingers to see if there are any bristly hair left.
    • Probe the problem areas with your fingers and shave wherever necessary.
    • Stretch the skin manually and shave to avoid cuts.
    • Shave in small sections at first. You may need to rinse out your razor once or twice if your hair growth is especially if the growth is tough.
  1. Step Four– 2:50

Once shaven, wash out the shaving foam from your head with cold water. This will help close the pores and cool any irritated skin immediately.

  1. Step Five– 3:04

Finish with a mild after-shave as the shaven skin is sensitive and may become inflamed if the aftershave is aggressive.

Video: Hairstyling Tips : Hair Trimming Instructions

How To Shave Your Head: A Cohesive Guide
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Discussion on this topic: How To Shave Your Head: A Cohesive , how-to-shave-your-head-a-cohesive/
Discussion on this topic: How To Shave Your Head: A Cohesive , how-to-shave-your-head-a-cohesive/ , how-to-shave-your-head-a-cohesive/

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