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How to Use Devacurl

Four Parts:

Devacurl is an all-natural hair product line designed specifically for curly hair. Their most popular routine is the 3-step washing process, which includes a cleanser, a hydrating conditioner, and a styling gel for scrunching. Once you’ve finished the routine, you can either let your curls air-dry or use the Devacurl blow dryer extension to speed up the process. Using these gentle, natural products regularly will help your curls stay strong and healthy!


Cleansing Your Hair

  1. Run warm water over your hair until it’s completely soaked.Use a showerhead or sink to completely wet your hair. The hair needs to be fully saturated during the whole cleansing and conditioning process, so don’t squeeze out any excess water. This will help keep the hair as moisturized as possible.
  2. Work a quarter-sized amount of no-poo cleanser through your hair.Squeeze the product out into your hand and rub your palms together. Use your fingers to massage the product through your roots and into your scalp.No-poo cleansers are alternatives for shampoo that don't contain any sulfates, parabens, or detergent.
    • Although the product is creamy, it won’t lather, so be sure to spread it around your scalp as you work it in. Avoid piling your hair on your head while you're working in the product or your hair could get tangled up.
  3. Rinse the no-poo cleanser out with warm water.Once you’ve applied all of the product, rinse the cleanser out of your hair completely. Continue to massage the product into your hair and scalp as you rinse it off. As you rinse, the water will wash the cleanser through the ends of your hair, giving them a light cleaning as well.

Hydrating with Conditioner

  1. Use your fingers to gently rake conditioner through your hair.Place 3-4 pumps of conditioner into your hand, then rub your hands together to evenly distribute the product. Run your fingers through your hair, spreading the conditioner from roots to ends. Continue this raking motion until you’ve worked the conditioner through all of your hair and curls have started to form.
    • Pump out more conditioner as needed, coating all of the hair well. You may need extra conditioner if you have long, thick hair.
    • This conditioning step will give your hair plenty of moisture and help prevent frizz when you dry it.
  2. Leave in most of the conditioner if you have dry hair.This product can act as a leave-in conditioner as well, so if your hair is feeling brittle and dry, only rinse out about a quarter of the conditioner. Use a low-pressure stream of cool water so you don’t disturb the curl pattern forming.
  3. Rinse out most of the conditioner if your hair is already well-moisturized.A little conditioner left in will help protect your hair from frizzing during the drying process. With some cool, low-pressure water, wash out most of the conditioner in your hair and leave a little behind.

Forming Your Curls

  1. Finger-comb your hair in the direction it naturally falls.Gently direct your hair back to its normal position, carefully creating a natural part. Finger-comb the side sections down, then comb the top sections over. Be careful not to disturb the natural curl pattern.
  2. Lean forward and carefully flip your hair over your head.Slowly bend over, letting your hair fall forward. While your head is upside down, finger comb through your hair once more, separating out the section at the nape of the head so it doesn’t dry bunched up.
    • Your hair should still be dripping wet from rinsing out some of the conditioner, so make sure to either flip your hair in the shower or over a towel. You want your hair to be dripping wet when you use the deva curl.
  3. Smooth 2-3 pumps of Deva styling gel over your hair.While your hair is still flipped over, squeeze 2 or 3 pumps of gel into your hands and rub them together so the gel is evenly distributed. Gently apply the gel to your hair in sections until all of your hair is completely covered.
  4. Scrunch the ends of your hair up to your roots and hold for 10 seconds.Use your hands to hold and scrunch the hair, pressing out some excess water and forming natural curls. Add more gel if your hair absorbs the first round quickly. Keep gently scrunching handfuls of hair in 10-second increments until you’ve gone over your whole head.
    • If you chose to leave most of the conditioner in your hair, the water you squeeze out will be a milky white.

Drying Your Hair

  1. Scrunch your hair with a microfiber towel to remove excess water.After the first round of scrunching, hold the towel around handfuls of hair and gently scrunch upwards to soak up the rest of the excess water. The soft texture of the microfiber won’t cause any damage or frizzing. Keep pressing out water with the towel until your hair won’t drip or get your clothes wet.
    • If you don’t have a microfiber towel, you can also use an old T-shirt or paper towels.
  2. Arrange your curls and let your hair air-dry naturally if you have time.Flip your hair back over and arrange your curls the way you like them. Scrunch your curls a little more until they’re positioned perfectly. Let your hair air-dry naturally until your curls are completely dry.
  3. Use Devacurl’s blow dryer extension for a quicker drying time.Attach the Deva Fuser extension by popping it onto the front of your blow dryer. Apply some heat protectant spray to keep your curls healthy, then position the Deva Fuser at the nape of the neck. Guide the diffuser gently through your roots, holding it in place for 10 seconds at a time.
    • Once you’ve dried the roots, move the diffuser to the tips of your hair and hold for 10 seconds for extra volume.
    • The hand-shaped diffuser will dry your curls quickly and create lots of body.

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  • All curly hair is different, so keep in mind that you may need to adjust this routine or the product amounts to suit your hair’s needs.
  • You can also incorporate other Devacurl styling products into your hair routine. Test out their extensive product list to see what works best with your hair. Some of their other products include volumizing foam, leave-in texture gel, no-frizz spray, and cream mousse.

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