How To Wear Mule Loafers (3 Ways For Men)

How to Wear Mule Shoes

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They aren’t exactly revolutionary footwear, but mule shoes have seen a major resurgence this year. Mules are close-toed, backless shoes. While women have been wearing mules forever, it’s a trend that’s been catching on with men as well. The great thing about mules is that, no matter your footwear preference, you can probably find a mule that fits your style. Embrace this trend, and explore different ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe this season.


Selecting Your Mule Shoes

  1. Consider heel height.Mules with tall heels are very in right now, but you can get them in any height. There are mule flats, mule platforms, mules with thin heels and mules with big, chunky heels. Think about what kind of heels you’ll be most comfortable in.
  2. Think about your current wardrobe.If you’re considering buying a pair of mule shoes, it’s great to find a pair that you can easily incorporate into your current wardrobe. If your day-to-day style is a bit dressy and you wear a lot of blacks and grays, you may want to buy some dressier, black leather mules. If you’re more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of person, you might want to instead grab some lower, more casual mules. You want to have plenty of outfit options to pair your mules with!
  3. Give them a test run.Because mules are backless, they might take some getting used to. This is especially true if they have a bit of a heel, especially if you aren’t used to wearing heels. Walk around in the shoe store before purchasing your mule shoes. Then, wear them around the house to get used to them and break them in before wearing them out for the day.

Styling Your Mule Shoes

  1. Pair them with cropped pants.These are the perfect bottoms to pair with your mules. They highlight the backless aspect of the shoe while baring a bit of skin around the ankle, without overdoing it. For a professional look, you can’t go wrong by pairing nice mules with cropped, structured black pants. Top your outfit with a button-down or blouse to complete the look.
  2. Rock them with cuffed jeans.For a more casual look, wear your mules with jeans. Jeans that are frayed around the ankle or cropped are perfect. If you have a pair of full-length jeans that you love, cuff them up a bit to show your exposed heel.
  3. Wear them with longer skirts and dresses.You aren’t limited to pants when you’re wearing mule shoes. If you want to wear a skirt or a dress, however, it’s best to choose ones that go to or below the knee. The big appeal of mule shoes is the open heel. With a longer skirt or dress, that heel is highlighted. Shorter hemlines can show an excessive amount of skin, which takes the attention away from the great footwear.
    • If you do want to pair them with a mini skirt or dress, pair them appropriately. A flouncy, lightweight skirt or dress would pair best with a daintier mule. A heavier, structured skirt or dress would look great with a more substantial mule with a chunkier heel.
  4. Wear your mules with tights.It may seem like tights would take away the effect of the bare heel, but they can actually look great with mules. On chillier days, slip on a pair of tights with your favorite mules to transition them into colder weather. However, make sure your tights are completely opaque. Sheer tights and mules don't mix.
  5. Wear mules with wide legged pants.Men and women alike look excellent in a pair of wide legged pants and their favorite mules. Because the hem of the pants swing a bit while you walk, you can show a flash of heel that adds some interest to your ensemble. Whether cropped or floor length, this is a combination that can be used in both casual and professional outfits.
  6. Add a pair of flashy socks.It's been a major trend to pair ordinary suits and dress pants with colorful, patterned socks. Pairing mule shoes with these fun socks can add a pop of color and interest to your outfit. Whether you're wearing a pair of tailored black dress pants or some cropped denim, a pair of bold, whimsical socks can really transform your outfit.

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How to Wear Mule Shoes
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