TOP Fighters On Speed Bag (PART 1)

Speed ball

Karakal MX150

Best for a beginner:Karakal MX150, £40,
We loved it because...
Even if you've got the muscles of Walter the Softie and the technique of a walrus, the ‘Muscle Tec' system in this racket that allows the strings to move freely over the grommets means you get ultimate power, effortlessly. It also means the racket can be strung at lower tensions but with a high tension feel, so you can play some deft little drop shots too.
If we had to say one bad thing about it, it would be that...
At 150g, it's not the lightest racket around, so you might need to beef-up your wrists before taking it on.
So before you buy, just think about...
If you're the sort of player who wants ultimate ‘touch' to play each shot with absolute precision, this might not be what you're after – but it's a fantastic all-round buy.

Prince 03 tour

Best for an expert:Prince 03 tour, £150,
We loved it because...
It has special ventilation holes in the frame which means you can achieve amazing racket-head speeds, while it promises a sweetspot 54% bigger than your regular ball-basher, so even in those tricky back corners and against the wall it provides real welly as well as touch. As used by Commonwealth Gold winning Peter Nicol – arguably the finest squash player ever born – there's no doubting that if you can handle it, the 03 Tour delivers results in spades.
If we had to say one bad thing about it, it would be that...
It comes with a very small grip size – but that's about it.
So before you buy, just think about...
Am I man enough to use it? If you're likely to smash your new pride and joy, could you afford to lose £150 in an instant?

Dunlop Black Max Titanium

Best value:Dunlop Black Max Titanium: £50,
We loved it because...
It's a really decent racket that should be more than adequate for anyone and is on a nationwide offer until the end of the summer – normally it retails for twice this price. The graphite-titanium construction means it treads that tricky line between touch and power like a ballerina - add in a top-heavy sweetspot that really kicks and great mid-balance, and you really would be a fool not to snap this one up.
If we had to say one bad thing about it, it would be that...
The sweetspot's super-charged, but it's not as big as some, so power off walls might be an issue.
So if you buy, just think about...
Do you want a bargain jack-of-all-trades racket, or do you want something more specific to your game? Maybe get your game analysed by a coach before taking the plunge. £50 is still a lot of money if it's not the right racket.

Video: Speedball - Heliopolis - 643 - Teams Super-Solo 2017

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