Pedal (2001)

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Attend a spinning class and that heart rate will skyrocket. Hit the weights and those muscles will feel the burn. But for the best of both worlds, enter: .

The 30/30 class ishalf spinning, half TRX training, and it’snojoke (though there were plenty of laughs along the way!). Fitness instructor and owner Ray Wallace kept spirits high on the bike as two-minute hill climbs started to take our breath away. First: “Summer’s coming!” Then: “This is FUN!” he shouted, as my quads felt like they were being smacked with the Olympic torch.

After completing 30 minutes of spinning (with an extra set of intervals at the end; thanks for the request, Derek!), we quickly hopped off the bikes and went next door to continue the “fun.” In circuit style, class goers took turns using TRX straps (a suspension training system developed by Navy SEALs) to dosquat rows, single-leg squats, and bicep and tricep curls. No spectating was allowed for those who didn’t have a set of straps! Push-ups, mountain climbers, and single-leg planks were our call-to-order while patiently waiting our TRX turn.

By the time the hour was up, we definitely felt the effects of what PEDAL really stands for: Physical Excellence Delivered Around Life. But arguably the best part wasthe post-workout bin of jelly beans— gotta gain back all that glycogen burned!

Many thanks to Mr. Ray for a kick-ass (and ass-kicking) workout! For more information about Pedal NYC, follow them on and like them on Facebook.

Special Greatist Giveaway:

Now it's your turn! The first 30 readers to tweet their fave fit sloganat and will get a free class at Pedal NYC! There are three dates to choose from:

  • Wednesday,May 30: 6:45 pm (30/30) with Mr. Ray
  • Saturday, June 2: 11am TRX with McCool
  • Tuesday, June 5: 9:30 am 30/30 with Mr. Ray

Each class can take a max. of 10 giveaway winners, so act fast!

Video: Skeletor, excerpt from Pedal, NYC messengers documentary

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We Did It: Pedal NYC pics
We Did It: Pedal NYC pictures

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We Did It: Pedal NYC new pictures

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Watch We Did It: Pedal NYC video

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